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Change in the Wind

In current news, as you may know, the Governor created a streamlining commission to study the effectiveness/efficiency of the Regional Offices of Education (ROE) and the Intermediate Service Centers (ISC), and I was appointed to serve as the ISC representative.

Currently there are 44 ROE's and 3 ISC's in the state; the commission reached consensus and is recommending that the number of ROE's be reduced from 44 to 35; in addition the 3 ISC's will remain intact. This was a very, very tough decision and one that the commission did not make lightly. If the recommendations are accepted, the change will go into effect in 2015.

In certification news, SB3933 which addresses lapsed educator certificates has passed in the senate and has moved on to the house. If it passes, educators with lapsed certificates, only due to not paying registration fees, will be given until September 2012, to pay the fees and not have any other penalty imposed. Currently, with a lapsed certificate, educators cannot work in Illinois public schools; to move the certificate out of a lapsed status, educators must complete 9 college semester hours in the their endorsement/content area. We will keep you posted as soon as we hear more!

PEAC Training

The new PEAC training for all administrators is scheduled to begin after May 1. As we receive updates, we will be sure to pass them along.

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Resources for Covid-19

These resources may be helpful for teachers and families during these trying times.