SCISC is an Approved Professional Development Provider. Entities may serve as sub-contractors under the SCISC Provider umbrella. If you are interested in becoming a subcontracted provider, please follow the directions below:

Step 1:

    Step 3:

  • Prior to EACH activity, submit the South Cook Activity Approval Request Form
  • Once approved by South Cook, we will provide a link on our webpage for an electronic version of Evaluation Form 77-21A.
  • Immediately after completing the evaluation, participants will be directed to an electronic Evidence of Completion Form 77-21B, which they may either print or download digitally for their records.

    Step 4:

    At the completion of each activity, submit:

  • Payment of $10 per participant
  • Copy of sign-in sheet

    Step 5:

  • Upon receipt of all required documents, South Cook ISC will return the evaluation data to the provider.

Have you taken a course with one of our Sub-contracted Providers? Once you complete and submit the appropriate Evaluation Form 77-21A, you will be directed to a thank you response with a link to your Evidence of Completion Form 77-21B. You may either print a hard copy or save a digital version. Remember, as your provider described, these forms are available for fourteen (14) days after the completion of the workshop
Please find your Evaluation form, and link to the PD by selecting your appropriate course