Health & Life Safety

South Cook ISC inspects all public school building and school-related buildings on an annual basis to assure compliance with standards necessary to ensure the health and safety of public school students in Illinois. South Cook ISC is also responsible for statutory compliance with established standards in the construction, remodeling and demolition of public school buildings within the South Cook territory.

Minimum Compliance

  1. Annual Review Report - Suggested form to document compliance with the requirement of the school board or designee to submit a one-page report upon the conclusion of each school's annual review to each party that participates in the review and to the appropriate regional superintendent of schools. Private schools are required to submit the same to the Office of the State Fire Marshal. [105 ILCS 128/25 and 105 ILCS 128/30]. (Also available as a Microsoft Word document download.)
  2. Minimum Component Checklist for Annual Review - Suggested checklist to use prior to and during the School Emergency and Crisis Response Plan Review to guide and document the participants' review of the minimum components that are required to be reviewed by the Joint Rules. (Also available as a Microsoft Word document download.)
  3. Drill Scheduling Requirements - A one-page review of dates and first responder participation details. (Also available as a Microsoft Word document download.)
  4. School Drill Documentation (DOC) - Suggested form for documenting the completion of minimum drills.