How to Host an Offsite Administrator Academy

    Step 1:

  • Contact us at at least 30 days prior to the course run date
  • This is required to add the course listing to the Illinois Administrator Academy Management System (IAAMS)

    Step 2:

  • Complete the three page contract
  • You can either download it, complete and return electronically or by mail

    Step 3:

  • Host the course
  • Please note: Approved courses may require a specific presenter. South Cook ISC will advise you if a specific presenter is needed for pre-approved academies. It is the offering entity’s responsibility to contract with the academy’s approved presenter or, if no specific presenter is necessary, to contract with a presenter who has relevant expertise in the field.
  • You will be responsible for maintaining a master sign in sheet for your participants

    Step 4:

  • After completion, return the following as promptly as possible
  • A check for $200 plus $15 per participant
  • Copy of class sign in sheet
  • Individual sign in sheets
  • Evaluation form
  • Application/Dissemination form

    Step 5:

  • The data will be added to IAAMS
  • Your district will be sent a receipt with a list of all attendees and the type of credit he or she earned